Our Fragrances

Our Natural Fragrances

Coconut Mango Fragrance

When we mix the Coconut natural fragrance with Mango, the resulting scent is creamy smooth, lightly fruited, and very refreshing.

Coconut Pineapple Fragrance

Creamy Coconut combined with the ripe Pineapple softens the pungent fruit, while retaining its sweetnes.

Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance

The Hawaiian Ginger with yellow blossoms is most associated with the islands. It grows wild and abundantly in the hills and valleys of our volcanic slopes. The natural fragrance is floral, not too heavy and not too light, with a tropical spiciness to it.

Lilikoi Guava Fragrance

Both the Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) and the Guava can only be found in warm tropical climates. The sweetness of Guava and the tartness of the Lilikoi blend well together to produce a natural fragrance that is fruity but not too sweet. Lilikoi Guava is light, innocent, and naturally enchanting.

Pikake Fragrance

From the Jasmine family, Pikake is the Hawaiian word for “peacock.” Bold and beautiful like the bird after which it is named, the Pikake natural fragrance embodies the light, sweet scent of the islands.

Plumeria Fragrance

The Plumeria grows so abundantly in Hawaii, you’ll easily find this floral tree almost anywhere on the islands. Pick a blossom and put it over your left ear if you are taken. Put it over your right ear to show that you’re available. Often used in lei making, the Plumeria is also known as the lei flower. If you’ve ever worn a Hawaiian lei, chances are you already know what this lovely flower smells like. Our Plumeria natural fragrance is light, delicate, sweet, and softly floral.

Puakenikeni Fragrance

Puakenikeni is native to Hawaii and the South Pacific. This beautiful, fragrant flower is highly prized for lei making. It is called Puakenikeni (“ten cent flower”) because the leis made from its blossoms once sold for ten cents a piece, an extravagant price at the time. Polynesians used Puakenikeni to perfume coconut oil. Its natural perfume is similar to jasmine, subtle and sweet. This soft, classy natural fragrance is distinctly Hawaiian.

Tuberose Fragrance

Tuberose oils are used as the middle scent in some of the world’s best perfumes. The Tuberose is a white, waxy flower that blooms at night. Cherished by many cultures, this elegant blossom is often called the “Scent of the Night.” The natural perfume of the Tuberose is best described as complex, exotic, sweet, floral, and – in our opinion – very feminine. You’ll find this lovely flower in traditional Hawaiian lei making and special arrangements.

Lavender Fragrance

Lavender oil is an essential oil that has long been used in the production of perfumes and aromatherapy. The scent has a soothing and calming effect, which may aid in relaxation and stress reduction. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean mountain slopes. Let the scent and aroma of lavender capture your senses and rejuvenate you.

Ali’i Kane Fragrance

Masculine and yet smooth as the balmy ocean breeze, a soft and rich blend of Hawaiian essential oils makes this men’s natural fragrance a popular favorite.


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